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Know Your Audience!

Know Your Audience! How to create a video that engages the right people. For any of you reading this who have ever made a video with me, you’ll know there’s one phrase that I never stop banging on about.   “The most important thing is, Audience”   And whilst...

The Most Surprising Video Statistics…

The Most Surprising Video Statistics... Everyone loves a good statistic, especially those which are interesting enough that you remember them. Here's a list we've compiled of our favourite ones, that really show just how powerful video can be for a business. 90 second...

How to Write a Good Video Description

How to Write a Good Video Description   Videos are a great medium for communicating complex ideas, connecting with your audience in creative and engaging ways; and building your brand. But, and you didn’t hear this from me, they do have one fundamental flaw. You...

Simple Tips for Great Interview Videos

Simple Tips for Great Interview Videos Being interviewed on camera can often feel uneasy. Many of us become a casualty of camera shyness and others become exaggerated versions of themselves. The trick that a lot of people are missing is finding the in-between; being...

Google Cardboard

Playing around with virtual reality has increased massively in popularity over the last few years. Since Google first introduced Cardboard in 2014, the amount of VR games and other experiences available has sky-rocketed. Google Cardboard Google have been instrumental...

5 Tips for Being Confident on Camera

Stepping in front of a camera can be a little more daunting than you think. Sociable individuals who are never short of something to say suddenly find themselves tongue tied and feeling awkward. There’s something about having a camera trained on you that changes your...

Google Street View Trusted

Digital Imaging Technology has advanced so much over the past 10 years with the introduction of Google Street View, that we’re now at a point where photographs can become fully immersive to give a complete 360° experience. Street View has allowed us to explore the...

HD versus 4K

We all know how fast technology is evolving, it doesn’t seem five minutes ago that there was a big fuss about how HD was going to make everyone look old by showing every wrinkle! Now, with the introduction of 4K cameras, there is a bit of a battle taking place to...

Does My Website Really Need Video?

All businesses these days are aware of the need for an online presence. From large corporations, right through to the one-person operations, to be successful, you need to be found, and online is where we all look! So, you go to the effort and not inconsiderable...


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Guest Blog: How we use video to boost sales

Guest Blog: How we use video to boost sales

The Sales Manager Guest Blog: How We use Video to Boost SalesIf you work in sales or marketing, you’re sure to have heard that video content is king, and this doesn’t come without the statistics to back it up:(source: Wordstream)  So, if video is so powerful, why...

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