The Sales Manager Guest Blog:

How We use Video to Boost Sales

If you work in sales or marketing, you’re sure to have heard that video content is king, and this doesn’t come without the statistics to back it up:


of online activity is spent watching video

hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds


of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos

(source: Wordstream) 

So, if video is so powerful, why isn’t everyone using it? It could be that they don’t have the equipment, time or confidence to get on screen. Perhaps I can put your mind at ease with a breakdown of why we, here at The Sales Manager, decided to use video as part of our marketing plan and how it’s boosted our sales.


What is ‘Sales Tip of the Week’?

‘Sales Tip of the Week’ is, as you may have guessed, our weekly sales vlog. It’s 2-5 minutes of priceless sales advice with a side helping of charm, charisma and wit! No, seriously, it’s a snapshot of our personality and brand packaged up with real-life things you can do to increase sales in your business. What more could you want?


Why did we choose to do ‘Sales Tip of the Week’ as a Video?

1. People Buy People

If I only had one motto to live my professional life by, this would be it. People buy from people they trust, and they trust people they feel they know. Make yourself known as part of your brand identity (spoilers: video is the perfect way to achieve this) and you’ll instantly increase your trustworthiness and, therefore, your sales. 

2. It’s Important to Position Yourself as an Expert

Trust comes from demonstrating your expertise and, again, trust = sales. We chose to do our weekly Sales Tips as a video because it’s a really great way to showcase our knowledge and expertise. 

3. Videos Gain better online Traction and Interactions

According to our Facebook Insights, videos get 10x as many post clicks and interactions as photos and 3.5x the average reach of links to blogs or other resources. If we want engagement, we turn to video! 

4. We didn’t have the Money for SEO

When we needed better click-throughs to our website, one option was to splash out for SEO, the other was to guide people there by other means. Enter Video. It takes people to the website and begins the buyer journey.


Converting Views into Sales 

Interactions, expertise and clicks are all well and good, but how do you convert these to money in the bank?

 1. Pay Attention to People’s Responses

When you’re regularly putting content out, you have a window into what your customer base wants. Which topics do they respond to? Do they ask questions? Do they watch to the end of the video?

Sales is nothing more than problem solving. So, if a prospect watches a 5-minute video on your social media, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll love it if you offer them a solution.

2. Use Your Data

If you’re putting content out through programmes like MailChimp, you’ll have access to incredibly detailed reports telling you who responds to your emails and how regularly. Use this data and follow up on anyone showing a prolonged interest in your content.

3. Brand Awareness Always = Sales

The reason brand awareness is such an important aspect of any marketing plan is that it always increases sales. If you’re in front of your target market, offering advice, saying something that interests them and telling them who you are, when the time comes that they need what you’re selling, who do they come to? You!

4. Make Your Customer’s Journey as Simple as Possible

Add a Call-to-Action or hard to resist link to your video content to make the journey from viewer to client as easy as possible.


In short, videos = interaction, which equals a nice warm lead for you to follow up on. So, if you’re not using video in your sales and marketing strategy yet, why not?

Who are The Sales Manager?

The Sales Manager offers workshops for micro – small businesses who want to learn sales skills to improve their techniques and ultimately, win more business. Our main aim is take the fear and mystery away from sales, teaching you skills you are comfortable with using in your business.

We are also set up to deliver in-house training programs to sales teams and provide after-support to improve your sales team’s performance.

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