How can businesses adapt to the ‘New Normal’ using video?

The past few months have been a huge challenge for businesses around the world. Initially the question on the tip of everyone’s tongues was “When will we get back to normal?”. But in reality we’re now realising that this is the wrong question, and instead we are asking ourselves an even more difficult question: “What is the new normal?”, and “How can I adapt my business to succeed within it?”


1. Can you deliver your service, or part of it, using video?

The first and most obvious opportunity is to think about whether you can deliver your service using video, instead of your traditional methods. One of our most recent projects was working for a gym, recording their instructors delivering workout sessions so that they can be viewed online by their members from home. Not only does this mean they can generate revenue whilst other gyms are closed, but when they do open up they will be able to increase the capacity of their classes, despite social distancing reducing the number of people who can attend each class in person. 

Watch this video to see how it turned out.

2. Can you use video to engage new customers directly?

Have you gone quiet online?
Not posted anything for a while?
Missed a few blog posts? 

Sadly many business have stopped operating, or significantly scaled down as a result of the sudden plummet in trade caused by COVID. This gives those businesses that are still operating a great opportunity to shout about themselves and stand out now more than ever.

3. Can you convert marketing material you use in to videos that you can present to your customers in video meetings?

So many people I talk to now are getting ‘Zoomed Out’. So many video calls, so many waving hello and goodbye, every time… 

If you have a brochure, or an explainer flyer and so on, why not convert that into a short animated video to share from your screen during a customer meeting. Not only will this give you a breather from talking whilst it plays, it will also help to break up the meeting for the customer, making a more comfortable experience all round for everyone. On top of this, converting your existing artwork into video could be a very simple process, as all the design is already mostly done! 

4. Do you supply training? Or a product that requires training?

If you do then can you use video to provide that training? Whilst getting hands on with your customer creates a small challenge, the opportunities afforded by video here are significant. The learner can learn in an environment they are comfortable in, with no cost or stress of travel and accommodation attached. On top of this they can learn at a time and pace to suit them. The video can be completely on demand, and paused or even restarted as much as the learner wants to fully digest all the information properly. 


This even applies to small ‘Get started’ manuals; stop paying for the printing and send out a free YouTube link that will cost you much less. Cost effective for you, and far more engaging for the customer! 

There you have it. A few tips from the team here for using video in your business for this strange ‘new normal’ we are living in. We look forward to seeing how you get on!


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