Easy apps to edit great video on your iPhone

We all end up with videos on our phone at one point or another; they could be from the holiday we took last month or that time we sat down with the aim of making that stunning introductory video. The next stage after collecting the footage is to make it into something more viewable, rather than just a bunch of clips on your camera roll. These iPhone apps are perfect for editing that content and, as they’re designed for the phone, are very simple to use.


Part of Apple’s own suite of apps for iOS, iMovie is a great video editor for iPhone. . The app is included free with the newer generations of iPhones, and you can use it right out of the box to make some impressive videos directly on your phone.

With iMovie, you can import your videos, and photos into projects, and edit them in a highly intuitive environment. You can slice videos, arrange them around on the timeline, and even add simple transitions to the video. Scrubbing through a project in iMovie is highly intuitive as well: you just drag your finger across the screen.

iMovie will also let you add text overlays, and filters to individual clips in the project. Here you can see just how easy it is to add and change transitions between clips.

All in all, the app is definitely one of the best ways to edit videos on your iPhone, and you should definitely check it out.

Great for editing together your corporate video.


Splice is a video editor from GoPro, the company behind some of the world’s best action cameras. You can import your photos and videos into the app to edit them into a movie. The way the app works is simple: you just import the videos that you want to edit, and mark the important parts (Hilights, as the app calls them) of the video. You can then add music to the video, and then the app automatically clips the entire video according to the Hilights that you marked. Here, you can see just how easy the process for marking Hilights is.

You can then crop, add effects and text to the video. You can also change the transitions between two Hilights. Once you’re done with the edits, you can share the video with links, or directly to popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. The app is a simple, yet powerful video editor that you should definitely try out on your iPhone.

Great for creating holiday highlights.


Another one from companies in the industry, this time Vimeo. Cameo offers very basic video editing capabilities, but works really well. The interface is clean, and intuitive, and if you just want to perform a couple of basic edits on your video, Cameo is the perfect option. The app can import photos and videos from the camera roll, and you can easily trim them, add music, themes, and more. You can even adjust the intensity of the theme applied to the video, to get the perfect effect. As you can see, it’s a simple, easy option with very little to get confused about.

Once you’re done with the editing, you can share the video to Vimeo (if you’re logged in to the app), or you can save it to your camera roll. The app supports exporting videos in 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions, which when combined with the latest smartphone cameras which can now shoot in 4K, is really going to make your video pop.

Great for editing those urgent videos.

and finally a special mention

Video Crop

This one does what is says on the tin. If you got that perfect behind-the-scenes shot on your phone, there is a pile of old machinery in the corner, Video Crop is perfect for trimming the unwanted sections of your video.

Great for removing the unappealing parts of the frame.

These apps should help give you a kick start with your video marketing. If you’re stuck with how you could use video in your business, Ally’s here with some helpful tips:

Daniel Harker Barnes

Daniel Harker Barnes

Operations Director, EpicTech Media

I run all of the day to day operations at EpicTech, and also manage the Post Production department overseeing our team of editors and animators.

I've always been interested in the technical side of production, and often work on event production in my spare time, usually doing something techy like being a broadcast engineer or radio frequency technician.

Away from my desk, I enjoy a great TV show and a good run.

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