Know Your Audience!

How to create a video that engages the right people.

For any of you reading this who have ever made a video with me, you’ll know there’s one phrase that I never stop banging on about.


“The most important thing is, Audience”


And whilst I’m sure I’ve annoyed a good few people by saying it, it’s still the most important lesson I’ve ever learnt in video. When I started the business back in Sixth Form, my media teacher had a big red piece of paper above the whiteboard, right at the front of the room, with one word on. Audience.

Now back in those days, I was just a spotty teenager with interest in only one thing, tech. I wanted to play around with all the gear. But whilst my videos were technically well made, they never seemed to be as engaging as I’d hoped. Enter, the A word.

Here’s a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way, which have helped me produce videos that work, tailored to the people I want to be watching them.


Know who they are!

As the title of this blog might suggest, this is my first, and probably most important point. If you don’t know who you’re making the video for, you’ve got very little hope of doing the job right. Imagine trying to bake a cake for someone, when you don’t know what flavours they like, or what their allergies are. Making a video is exactly the same. So step one, whenever I make a video, is to ask the question “who is my audience”.


Make every decision with them in mind

Every decision you make, right down to what camera you use and where you shoot the video, should be made with your audience in mind. Now you know them, you need to know what they want to see. Are they interested by slow motion, time lapses, or are these just standard for the types of video they watch all the time.


Put yourselves in their shoes

Imagine you are your audience. When you’re taking a shot, what is that shot conveying to them, and what can they take from it. Watch the content they watch. Get to know what they see in their daily lives, and what you can do different to capture their attention. If all the videos they watch are on a white background, and you do the same, your video will just be another bit of content, with no flare or reason to engage them. Think differently and outside the box.


There you have it, reading it back over it seems more like a rant than a blog post, but there you are, it’s out of my system. Next time you’re making a video, start and end with your audience for every decision you make, and you’ll find your content begins engaging much better straight away.

Ally Adams

Ally Adams

Director, EpicTech Media

I take on the role of Production Supervisor at EpicTech Media, overseeing all of our projects from script to screen.

I try and ensure that every project i work on is rooted in two things, audience and story. A good video, in my view, connects the two.

Outside of work i'm a sucker for model railways and a good game of racketball!

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