Making the most of your live stream

To use a little bit of financial speak, live streaming may seem like a big-budget item for a one-off return, but it can actually be a rewarding investment that keeps paying dividends long after your event has wrapped up.

We recently live streamed the AGM and the annual event, ‘Skydive The Expo’, for The British Parachute Association. The recordings of these live streams are on various video channels as well as their website and they continue to capitalise on the huge amount of material recorded on the day.


After the event…

Consider a day-long conference, as in the BPA event above; you have the opportunity to stream the event live as it happens, thus making it available globally in the same format to that of the audience who are actually present. But it doesn’t have to stop there! You then have a whole host of options post-event:

  • You can upload the entire event to a video channel so it is available to view and re-view as soon as the event finishes.
  • More usefully, you could cut the presentations up and stream them individually, creating a series of shorter videos, 30 minutes or an hour long, that you can use as content on a video channel or your website.
  • There is the further option, then, of hacking them up still more to create ‘micro videos’ containing soundbites, top tips or intros that can be shared through social media or used to reinforce your online presence giving your marketing team great, original source material to use.
  • Finally, for a real ‘thinking outside the box’ idea, a fantastically versatile, cross-platform and user-friendly option is to use the audio only to create a podcast. This is great for seminars or table discussions, as well as making the content easier for the audience to access if they’re not free to watch a screen.

BPA full AGM

Excerpt: a presentation from BPA’s ‘Skydive The Expo’


All of these ways of using a live stream post-event give your audience choices about how they want to consume your marketing. You get amazing additional content from an event that you have already organised to use as a revenue stream, additional marketing tool or even training material. Live streaming is worth so much more than just what is streamed on the day, it just takes a little creativity to squeeze every drop of value out of them!

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