Aerial Photography and Videography

Some of our most dynamic and engaging videos feature aerial footage, achieved with an Unmanned Aerial System, more commonly referred to as a Drone. Aerial photography and videography has many distinct capabilities which can add production value to your project. Not only is it a perspective which cannot be seen elsewhere, but it also enables you to see things which may not be visible at ground level.

Our system features a 3 axis gimbal, meaning beautiful smooth imagery is created with ease. In addition to this, our system is 4k capable, meaning we can achieve ultra high resolution images for use online or in large format print.

Akeley School

EpicTech Media produced this video of Akeley School to show off its stunning sites, located in rural Buckinghamshire.

It’s no secret that aerial photography carries numerous regulations nowadays. We hold a Permission for Commercial Operation from the CAA, meaning we carry all the relevant licenses and insurance for commercial aerial photography and videography.

Recent Projects

Meadow Croft

Meadow Croft

Meadow Croft Meadow Croft is a new housing development in Houghton Conquest, presenter by Kier Living in partnership with Lane & Holmes and Compass. We were engaged to produce a promotional video to show the site, featuring aerial imagery from our Drone...

Akeley School

Akeley School

Akeley SchoolI take on the role of the production supervisor, overseeing all of our projects progressing. Starting from developing an idea, script and structure through to recording on location. My passion has always been for film and I believe every good video tells...


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The Art of Subtle Visual Effects

The Art of Subtle Visual Effects

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