A frequent problem faced by businesses when it comes to video production is that it can be an expensive form of marketing. Here at EpicTech Media we believe video can be for everyone, and that’s why we offer a range of low cost marketing plans, each tailored to enable you to achieve the most cost effective video marketing solution. Payment is made equally on a monthly basis over the duration of your plan, making it a much more affordable an effective solution for businesses looking to add video to their marketing portfolio.

Our team will come and consult with you to understand how video can work as a part of your online marketing, and make suggestions as to how we can help. From there we will then produce a video marketing plan, which details how and when different videos will be released, and what they will contain.

One customer who utilises one of our video marketing plans is White Hart Press, here’s the initial video we shot for them which is designed to introduce them to their customers.

If you’re interested in how our video marketing plan could help your business, get in touch today to arrange a free consultation with a member of the team.

COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, from all the team at EpicTech Media, we sincerely hope you and your colleagues, family and friends are safe and well during these unprecedented times.

It's been challenging, but we want you to know that we are still here to support your business. Whether it's just for a virtual coffee, or to discuss your production, we'd love to catch up.

Adopting new working practices and following government advice, we've been able to successfully complete projects remotely, as well as on site productions since lockdown restrictions have been eased.

We're committed to the safety of our team, clients and suppliers. Click here to find out more about our new working practices:

Read our COVID-19 page