Virtual Event Production

We can work with you to enhance your online and virtual events with our remote production services. With so many events moving to online platforms, it’s a challenge to make your event stand out. We passionately believe in presenting your brand in the right way.
With video conferencing becoming the new normal, making your event stand out from the rest is becoming more and more challenging every day. Video conference audiences are used to, and almost expect, microphone and connection issues, poor quality video and clunky transitions between different presenters sharing their screen.
On top of all of this, the experience is generic, unbranded and uninspiring.

Video conferecing applications are powerful and simple tools to use, but lack creativity and production value. Event producers have little control over how their imagery is displayed, resulting in a less than ideal event experience for the viewer.

We believe passionately your brand deserves to be presented in the right way, your audience deserve an event free of technical mishaps and enhanced by as many forms of content as you choose, including video, animated graphics, split screens and much more.
Our production team will work with your throughout planning and delivery of your event to ensure quality content and high level execution. As with everything we do here at EpicTech, we believe effective and comprehensive planning is key to the success of your project.
Each event we work on has its own dedicated producer who will kick of the process by working closely with you to design a broadcast that your audience will want to watch. This doesn’t just mean a 50 slide PowerPoint, it means designing a range of content to enrich your audiences experience and effectively realise your goals.
Once this is complete we create a ‘content plan’, our tool for mapping out all the different components required to put together the event. From here we begin producing and testing. All of your contributors will receive a test call to ensure we get the best quality audio and video from them on the day.
On the day our producer will be there throughout the event, coordinating with all the presenters so they know exactly what is going on and when they are up, all whilst our event engineer is running the production.

The End Result

Of course, all of the above is great, but it’s all about the end result! Your broadcast will be fully branded to include your logo, colours, fonts and much more. Here’s a few examples of the sort of output we can create for you.

The Presenter Experience

Part of ensuring the highest quality delivery is putting your presenters in the best possible state of mind to present confidently. We take the hassle out of presenting by running all the content remotely. No more worrying about sharing the right window from your laptop screen. In addition your presenters can select between a program view and a full screen view of the current presentation slide. If required we can even add a view of the slide with presenter notes, meaning they can focus fully on delivery.
A simple to use remote presentation clicker, controlled from their phone or tablet, gives them a single device they can use to step forward and backwards through the slides at their leisure.


The Audience Experience

The best part about hosting your event online is that it can be delivered anywhere. Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Zoom, Teams. You name it, we can do it. Even multiple at the same time! This means the experience is fully customisable, and can be tailored to your audience.


Our Demo Event

To showcase the power of a Virtual Event, we’ve put together a short demo explaining how they work and what can be done.

What’s next?

To get your next event underway, get in touch today. Every project we deliver is fully bespoke, there are no off the shelf packages. We believe in delivering a service finely tuned to all of your requirements, and one of our producers will be happy to discuss the way forward for your next event!