Spotlight Content, November 2018

Over the years we’ve been lucky to work on a number of creative projects. We think it’s only fair that we show off some of the amazing creative work currently going on within the industry. So I would like to the first of a series of blog posts where we’ll be highlighting some awesome work currently going on. Throughout this post I’ll show you some truly brilliant work which reminds me why I love what I do.

HAZMAT Surfing

A very topical bit of content that was produced in 2015, comes from Dryland Productions, based in Seattle. They’ve churned out some fabulous content over the years and this piece looks at the idea of a dystopian future, due to the treatments of our world’s oceans. Taking the form of a creative photo series tilted ‘HAZMAT Surfing’, it captures the very real issues we face. This is a very artistic call for change, in a unique style that resonates with me personally. So, props to Michael Dryland of Dryland Productions for this one.

We look forward to seeing some of Dryland Productions future work! Check out the photo series by clicking here.

A Love Letter to Winter

This video from The North Face showcases their ‘snow team’ and some of the crazy runs they have completed during the season. Cut to a piano cover of The Pixies ‘Where is my mind?’, this video is a spectacular combination of cinematic landscape shots and intense point of view close up, where the pros battle with their terrain. The super slow-motion works beautiful with the music, creating a flawless piece that any videographer would appreciate. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m in awe of this video.

The North Face have always been good at marketing, focusing on brand, not simply product. Subtle shots of the logo on the skis for example, ensures The North Face brand is present whilst not overt. This video, a long with most of the other videos produced by them, aims to take your breath away, without direct selling. Definitely a unique method of marketing.

P.S- Make sure you watch this video in 1080p and a good pair of headphones for the full effect.

Free Solo

As the only feature length film to make this list, ‘Free Solo’ follows the unbelievable story of Alex Honnold, who becomes the first person in existence to free climb the 3,000ft high ‘El Capitan Wall’, with no ropes or safety gear, just a pocket full of chalk and a insane amount of courage.

The production belongs to National Geographic and is set to release in mid-December in the UK. The trailer is truly epic and perfectly captures the tension and suspense surrounding the momentous event. This is well represented by the camera work and editing throughout the trailer and extended trailer, that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the release. This is definitely going down as a must watch for me, as I’m sure it will for you once you’ve watched the trailer. Look out for the bravest camera man I’ve ever seen at around the 1:37 mark, props to this guy and the National Geographic for a superbly executed trailer.


Produced to celebrate the evolutionary story of the motorcar company ‘Honda’, Paper showcases the amazing talents of multiple artists, animators, engineers and importantly the story of Honda. This piece comes from director ‘Adam Pesapane’, an award-winning director with a passion for creativity and storytelling.

The video shows the progression of Honda engineering over the seven decades of their lifespan, it distinctively tells the audience this story through intricate and seamless paper engineering. The video perfectly captures the mission of the brand, which is to make dreams come true. Throughout the 2 and a half minutes, the viewer is taken on a journey, starting with just that one engine right up to a jet supercar. The use of blueprints making up the background of the video cleverly represents how even still, most of Honda’s ideas start on a bit of a paper, before they transition into this magnificent piece of machinery.

This video has definitely received the recognition it deserves, winning multiple awards such as ‘motoring advert of the year’ and Best Sound Design by Clio Awards, and even going as far to be nominated for an Emmy. I definitely recommend you check this video out, and also the ‘making of…’. It tells an amazing story and definitely earns it place on this list.

Just Do It: Serena Williams

Following the success of (arguably?) the world’s greatest athlete, this rendition to Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ series cleverly and creatively tells the story of her success through the combination of the home video style and professional shots of her competing at the US Open. The addition of her fathers (also coach) voice over working simultaneously with the cutting of the video is insanely powerful and emotionally connects the viewer to the content. Her father’s voice over is particularly powerful, as the video comes at a time of poor health for Serena’s father, which Williams identified as a reason for some poor performance.

Aesthetically, the video is a masterclass of editing. It is clear that Nike have put careful consideration into their latest video for their most prized athlete.

I hope you enjoyed the first of its kind for this blog post. As mentioned, we aim to bring these posts on a monthly basis. We hope to connect you with some truly brilliant content that really depicts the power of video.

Camilla Preece

Camilla Preece

Content Creator, Preece PR

I am a freelance corporate storyteller, I offer copywriting services to businesses to enable them to tell their story and reach out to their audience. I work with Epictech Media on a regular basis, writing blog posts, project pages and scripts.

When I'm not writing for work, I write fiction, take photographs, do one of my many craft hobbies and even, occasionally, spend time with my family!

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