The Most Surprising Video Statistics (Part 2)

Everyone loves a good statistic, especially those which are interesting enough that you remember. Here’s a list we’ve compiled over the years which indicate the importance that video has in business.

Visual stimuli is processed by the brain 60,000x faster than text

That’s quick and the fact is that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and in other words, we look at pictures and videos regularly and we consume them more quickly than we do text.

It might also have something to do with how people now live their lives – always on their smartphone and doing too many things at once! No longer do we have 30 minutes to sit down and read through a long piece of text; we’re all far too busy tweeting, texting, pinning and liking to do that! We would much rather “relax” for 3 minutes and let the information flow over us by watching a video; enabling quick and easy consumption of the underlying message. As the age-old saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.


of marketers use Facebook and YouTube for video marketing.

and this is for one very simple reason: It’s all they need to reach their market. With user racking up eight billion daily video views on Facebook alone, people are consuming video content more than ever, which makes it easier for marketers to get in front of consumers. There isn’t anything to say that these same marketers don’t use other platforms to get in-front of consumers, but the reason so many use them is that they work. This is why we recommend to most of our clients that they post their video on a company Facebook page, as well as a YouTube channel, because it will get in-front of the people they want it to, especially if they use specific audience targeting behind an advertising campaign.

The $US which Amazon spends on video each year

3 billion is an amount of money most people will never be able to comprehend, it’s just too much. That’s a three and then nine zeros.

So what can $3billion worth of video actually buy you?

Well, Amazon’s businesses model is that if something needs doing better and bigger than it currently is, it will get involved, and that’s what leads to the success of it. It’s woven into our lives: from getting delivery of items next day; to having digital assistants; and watching Clarkson, Hammond and May drive fast cars and the reason so many people use it for so much is because they are always in the forefront of our minds.

That’s what 3 billion can buy, it gets you as the default supplier for anything and everything people want, and whilst most businesses can’t afford to spend anything close to this on their marketing, video can and does work just as well on a small budget with a highly targeted audience.

From 2015 to 2016, online video spending increased from

  • $13 billion to
  • $26 billion

In only 12 months, spending in online video doubled, and even though 2015/16 was only recently, it means that businesses (both those getting videos made and those paying for advetising) are still learning the benefits of video. One example of businesses that are embracing video content is Learn to Trade, a FOREX training company which recently got into video advertising and produced these videos with us:

Hopefully you found those interesting.

We’re always publishing new stats on our social media for #funfactfriday.

Why not check out Part 1?

Daniel Harker Barnes

Daniel Harker Barnes

Operations Director, EpicTech Media

I run all of the day to day operations at EpicTech, and also manage the Post Production department overseeing our team of editors and animators.

I've always been interested in the technical side of production, and often work on event production in my spare time, usually doing something techy like being a broadcast engineer or radio frequency technician.

Away from my desk, I enjoy a great TV show and a good run.

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