Why Sound is Half the Picture

Sound is the most fundamental form of communication, not only in video, but in life. The ability to communicate through sounds is an ability that us humans share with our animal counterparts. As a human, we are built with two eyes and two ears, thus emphasising the importance of sound. The impact of sound on an audience is maximal, with it being arguably the most important of the five senses. The relevance of the medium of radio, shows first hand how engaging and communicating it can be, if used correctly. However, if audio is removed from the picture, the application of purely visuals can be uncomfortable or disengaging for an audience. Think of your favourite movie clip and take away the sound, how does that feel? The impact on the viewer is heavily reduced. The same effect is created if you were to not capture sound, or not capture it in a high quality for a marketing video. Therefore, it is necessary that you engage the viewer with immersive sound and effects. Sound doesn’t just mean what you see, half of sound is made up of what you don’t see. This is known as non-diegetic sound and increases the professional look of your videos and the impact it may have on a viewer. A brilliant example of this technique would be a short film by YouTube filmmaker ‘Dan Mace’, in his video ‘Making an Anthem out of Sounds’. I strongly suggest that if your looking at having a video made to promote your product, service or company, that you watch this video to show how high quality captured sound can be used to produce an impactful video.

With That in Mind… How Can You Ensure Sound is Correctly Utilized?
Here are a Few Tips That We Have Picked Up Over the Years.

Capture it Professionally

This ensures that sound is recorded to a high standard, which can be appropriately applied throughout the final product of the video. Here at EpicTech, we use 15+ different types of microphones. Not only does this ensure that we capture a high quality of sound for your video, but also ensures that the process of recording sound does not intrude on the visual aesthetic of your video, i.e.- keeping it out of shot, but not too far that sound quality is compromised.

Edit it Correctly, Building an Established and Advanced Audio Track

Using un-edited, raw sound files can make your videos sound and feel unprofessional. This has a poor reflection on your company and may potentially lose you business.

Select What You Need

Don’t overpower a video with too much audio. If you emphasise every sound effect, it can clutter the clip, which can poorly reflect the professionalism of your company or product to an audience. For your video to have the most impact, keeping it simple can sometimes work best. Only include what you need to give the video the best feel. It is also a great idea to think, what do you want the audience to hear? By thinking in this mindset, it ensures that the final product is tailored to your company needs.

Check and Check Again!

At EpicTech, we quality check every single element of every single video repeatedly. This includes the sound track that has been built up. We look for any minor issue that might have been missed in post-production. This ensures that we roll out the highest quality videos for our clients, meaning that your clients get an honest and positive impression of your company.

See below an example of a video with and without sound.

There you have it, if you follow these tips, I guarantee that your videos will have a far greater impact on your audience. For your next video, you’ll see a far better final product that will engage you audience more.

Lawrence Adams

Lawrence Adams

Production Manager, EpicTech Media

I work as a Production Manager and also Account Manager. This means that I get to spend a lot of time with customers and see productions all the way through from creating the initial idea to the finished product.

I love working in media, and always strive to provide great customer service and deliver exactly what the customer wants.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing tennis and coach at my local club in my spare time.

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