Why You Shouldn’t Plaster Your Logo All Over Your Video

Logos, they’re great aren’t they! But I believe they’re also very easy to overuse. One of the requests we get alot from our clients is…

“We love the video!

But can we add the logo at the start for a few seconds?”

Can we? Or should we? At this point you have probably realised that this post is going to be more of a rant than a thought piece, so sorry for that. I’ll try to deliver some value to you all the same. So let’s have a look at why this might (or might not) be a good idea. Now I will preface this by making it clear that there is no hard and fast rule. As with any other creative decision, it’s a matter of opinion, and this is mine…

1. It slows the video down!

Say for example I am producing a short highlights video with a 2 word title slate at the start, explaining what’s in the video. Depending on my delivery and target audience, i could have those words on screen for less than a second. Keeping my introduction short gives me a greater chance of engaging the target audience and getting them to continue watching. But, add a logo at the start of the video and you need to leave it on screen for much longer in order for the audience to process it. The effect is you’ve slowed the whole video down, potentially lost engagement, with no particularly rewarding outcome for you or the audience!


2. “But Ally, it conveys my brand…”

Well that’s a fair point, but in my opinion brand is much bigger than just your logo. Brand is something that is reflected in every part of your organisation. The way you do things and the things you do. These are all part of your brand. And with your video it should be no different. Simply adding your logo in doesn’t mean the video reflects your brand. Every single aspect of the video, from the script, the shots and the edit itself, should in some way reflect your brand.


3. Who actually cares?

The online world we live in today is centered almost exclusively around content marketing; and what I mean by this is, gone are the days that video was, in itself, an amazing thing. People live, in fact they practically swim, in video nowadays. Your audience doesn’t care about your logo, they care about what you have to say and how it’s relevant to them. If they’re interested in that, then you earn the right to a dialouge, and maybe after that you get to show them that sexy logo of yours. I know that’s tough lovin’, but it’s also the truth.


Now hold on a second…

That is an awful lot of anti logo words I’ve scribbled down here. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are times where you need to prominently feature your logo. Training videos are a simple but perferct example of this. When delivering training videos to your customers you need to establish that the information comes from a certified source, and 9 times out of 10, your logo is a powerful tool to do just that. That’s just one example of many!

But my point is that everything in your video should be helping you work towards your goal, whatever that may be. Anything that doesn’t help you is just a distraction.


Ally Adams

Ally Adams

Director, EpicTech Media

I take on the role of Production Supervisor at EpicTech Media, overseeing all of our projects from script to screen.

I try and ensure that every project i work on is rooted in two things, audience and story. A good video, in my view, connects the two.

Outside of work i'm a sucker for model railways and a good game of racketball!

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