EpicTech Media have lease line installed to support clients continued demand for virtual events

As a trusted supplier of virtual events to companies the world over; and after two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, it’s clear that the demand for virtual events isn’t going anywhere.
With the move and kit-out of our brand new engineering unit now complete, EpicTech Media have invested in a lease line to ensure our clients virtual events are all but guaranteed.
Installed in February 2022, and thoroughly tested since, our new lease line is capable of handling even the most complex of shows.
In the six weeks it’s been installed, it has already supported a show of 19 virtual presenters, a remote show-caller, IP-based comms, and of course the main encodes… all without breaking a sweat.
“Our investment in a lease line is key in the future delivery of our clients virtual, hybrid and in-person events”
Daniel Harker Barnes, Technical Director