We've moved! EpicTech Media have relocated in to our brand new engineering unit in Wootton.

10th May 2021
We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved in to a brand new engineering unit to keep up with our continuous business growth. Our new space is a massive upgrade¬† in terms of location and space; and will enable us to work on projects like never before.¬†
It also brings us closers to companies that we closely collaborate with to enable more seamless productions for all our clients.
The team have now got a lot of work to bring our new home up to scratch… there’s whiteboards to mount, walls to paint, cabling to install. Let the kit-out commence!
Even though we’ve only moved in very recently, projects don’t stop and the team have already supported numerous virtual events from our new studio and warehouse space.
“The move provides us with the space needed to continue support our clients evolving projects and allows us to store our ever expanding range of kit”
Ally Adams, Director